Ekoneem Natural Healing Neem Oil
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Ekoneem Natural Antiseptic Neem Oil

Wonderbalm soothing balm containing Neem Oil
Also available, Wonderbalm Extra
(with extra Neem Oil)

Ekoneem Soap with Neem Oil

Ekoneem Original Pure Neem Oil

A Natural Remedy for Itching and Skin Irritations for People and Animals
and a highly effective Fly Repellent

When Ekoneem was put on the market it was the culmination of 10 years of trialling neem oil. Neem oil works as a powerful aid to natural healing for minor wounds, cuts, broken skin and other skin irritations with its natural anti-bacterial properties. Neem oil is a wonderful cure-all for horses, dogs and any animal as it staves off infection and speeds up the natural healing process.

It soon became clear from the reaction of people who tried Ekoneem pure Neem oil, that the range of natural compounds it contained also gives extremely effective control of itching, irritations, sore or cracked feet, and, importantly, hair loss.

At the same time Ekoneem is a very strong natural repellant to any mite, flea or tick infestation - which can often cause these types of problems. It's competely safe for external use with no side effects, and can be applied to all sensitive areas, including around the eyes, which is astonishing in such a powerful oil and natural fly repellant.

Neem oil comes from the seeds of the Neem tree, Azadirachta indica, a member of the mahogany family, which is known in India as the 'Village Pharmacy' because of its remarkable properties which aids the natural healing for both people and animals. It is important to use the best quality cold pressed neem oil to get the best results from its range of properties, and EKONEEM import directly from India from contacts they have made personally, so, beware of poor quality, cheap alternatives. Our cold-pressed neem soap is a soothing balm for both humans and animals.

Neem oil contains Azadirachtin which deters biting insects. It is more effective at repelling insects than synthetic chemicals which have become the main ingredient of most consumer insect repellents. The essential compounds of neem are absorbed by the skin and are spread through the sebaceous glands, this has a cumulative effect.

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neem oil fly repellent recipe

EKONEEM Pure Neem Oil for dogs/cats

Itchy skin irritations
Itchy ears
Insect infestations
Minor cuts and scratches
Sore and cracked pads
Skin abnormalities
Hair loss

for horses

Minor wounds
Itching caused by biting insects
Cracked Heels
Minor cuts and scratches
Natural fly repellant
Skin abnormalities
Hair loss
Skin irritations brought on by wet, mud related conditions

for Humans

Minor Wounds/Broken skin
Relieving pain from minor burns
Itchy skin conditions
Strengthens nails
Natural repellant for flies, midges, head lice and mosquitos

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